Friday, 29 April 2011

I am that form of a seer

in the midst of migraines I have
often experienced states of 
in my worst pain I have
experienced profound joy

in such a paradox one day I
"I know nothing,
I don't get it, 
I know absolutely nothing"

And then I heard a chorus of voices
sounding not unkind and rather joyous
"now she sees"

We live in a world of pain and of joy
I am amazed by the transcendence of the human 
spirit and dismayed by the 
violence of our evolution.
We seem to live in a world of 
both heaven and hell.
Yin and Yang
motion and stillness
opposites that are a part of each 

I don't get it

I no longer expect to

but it is fun to try

I am that form of a seer

Monday, 4 April 2011

no going back

thunder rolls - lightning has already struck - we are put on alert

the recording has happened

memory occurs

now the sound, the sight, is present

it lingers until the next distraction

the next sight, sound, smell, of something new or old

brings us elsewhere and back


roll with the punches
go with the flow
work with the energy that comes

become this, that, the other ...


let go



the same
yet different

I saw three deer this evening

it was a sign for me

Sunday, 27 March 2011

I will make pots

the centre
la centre 

the dance
the flame
the corpse
those who are left behind 
the light
la luz

                                                sunrise, daylight
morning, motion
movement, turning
the world

keeps turning
time unfolds
the moon
the stars
the night sky

                         shadows cast as the

                         dramatic colors as the day

cools down
descent of sun
rise of moon


                         creatures are about
birds sleep

owls and bats
keep each other company

The seasons are changing again
Nostalgia is all about
The stars are brighter
Colors sharper

I’m hungry
J’ai fiaim
Tengo hambre

No se por qué

Don’t know anything

The world keeps stopping

                                          I only notice at the pauses

In between

love continues




                                           of vapour and container


I dream                            of pots

                              of clay

                                           of earth

                                                      of glass

                                                                           of holding

I dream of holding

                                                                  I am hungry

                                                           for holding

                                                                    my arms long

                                                            for holding

I will make pots

Saturday, 26 March 2011

the joy of stepping

moss, stones, mud, ruts, water, branches in the way; not so much walking here - rather stepping
so carefully
at a pace to accommodate the path's intrinsic nature
the view becomes close, the volatile nature of earth and plants become obvious; the nose delights in spring
friends lead the way
they are part of the stepping, part of the land here
the volatile nature of enthusiasm becomes contagious
in the wildness we slow down; we accommodate ourselves

we slow down
begin to see, begin to smell, begin to feel

begin to see, begin to smell, begin to feel

an arm
holding branches

a leg
stepping over trunks 

jumping puddles and brooks

words heard
words lost in the trail

the comfort of being with friends
with guides


the enjoyment of 
a shared nature
to be carried home

and beyond

Monday, 21 March 2011


shadows are soft at certain times of days
at certain times of certain years

songs are soft when love comes calling

when love comes calling
songs are soft and smooth and strong

sentimental journeys sometimes
take me just where I want to go
sentimental journeys can be
soft and strong and slow

light and line
love and song
shadows sometimes take me there

weeds in winter

weeds in the dead of winter remind of another time
days of growth 
of competition for view
of riots of color

of bare feet
tangled life 
everywhere around

the earth so full
of invitation to play

and now only testament to that vitality
but such graphic line
such tribute to space
and sky

fit for quiet meditation
for song
for light

fallen wings

a fallen or torn off wing
we give advice like this - here this will help -
but how is one supposed to fly with that; pray tell ?

when we look at the details of the wing
the construction
the study of the connection
to what it once belonged
the flight that once was
we can remember flying too

we can hold the vision
and see each other once again in flight

Sunday, 20 March 2011


like stones , washed and tossed
we walked the shoreline

we gathered stones
           and sighing

world silent
              waking to us there

in spring
we walked thru shadows
of storms to come

like stones, washed and tossed
we walked
             and melted away


we waited for sunshine
caught in wind
          and dark company of clouds

      then rain

we sat
washing away
in the mist

we walked and talked


we walked up to the veil

fabric of dream,
of life,
of lost relatives

                        of seas
                              never crossed in this imagining

we washed ourselves away
like stones
             washed by sea

and storm
to the edge of something real
and pure

we walked in the giant
roar of surf
              of stones
                       tossed, chattering back
down slopes

waves retreated
                in foamy stealth

           denying the next wave coming,

              against the

we walked
gathering stones
                  tossed in storm surf,
the shoreline here
               the storms
                         from far away

we gathered stones
keepers of secrets

we wished
for their stony,      

in pockets
      in hands
              on shelves
                      in drawers
and shoes

we learned the weight of
the stillness of

stolen from
the rocky shoreline
               sparkling wet

high tide


Jay on CTV

CTV interview of Jay "in our back yard" on "Live at Five"

Saturday, 12 March 2011

Blink and the world changes

It does seem to be the case that we blink and the world has changed by the time we open our eyes - the world has dramatic shifts that we are given notice about on a regular basis: earthquakes, floods, famine, war ...
A friend once told me that what seemed to be a dramatic change in my life, was instead, the next logical step. It had been coming slowly and surely, similar to a child learning to walk. The other end of a person's life had been coming, and "suddenly" she was bed ridden.
The person was my mom, and my friend had acquired the wisdom through her own similar experience years earlier.
Seems to be a human trait to keep going, and to allow ourselves only to see what will allow us to do the work we feel we need to do. Everyone is different , and so probably I am only speaking for myself.
It seems the only way I can do the work in front of me is to do just that and only that. There is no way in language to describe what I am trying to say, and what I am trying to say changes all the time.
People speak of singing their own song, doing the dance, being empty, being enlightened.
While we are singing, dancing, emptying, attaining enlightenment, change keeps happening. "Try not to judge the changes" some say.
People, infrastructure, material goods, abundance, all come and go.  What is a good way for this to happen? What is a bad way for this to happen?
How many factors are involved? How can we make things better? How can I make things better?


Is everything perfect? Does everything suck big time?
We can really get going in loops ... try not to think, use your mind, use your imagination, listen, think, open your eyes, use your ears ...

Ah, so what is it indeed to be human? to be you? to be me? to suffer loss with enormous changes? to continue to live? to suffer? to be content or happy beyond enormous loss?

I have on occasion, for no known reason, at times when I felt tremendous stress and sorrow, for moments felt a sensation of great inner peace. At other times it was as if a pair of hands were held against my shoulder blades in a most comforting manner.

It has been my experience to see some physical and emotional changes happen while practicing healing with energy. More questions than answers again. 

So what I guess I am trying to help myself deal with is how I see and feel these tremendous shifts in the world, and with the suffering I feel in the world. I have been sitting with it a lot over the years, and I have been changing, growing older, coming to ground.

More questions than answers.

But I think of those hands on my shoulders. I think of my friends. I think of their friends. I think of friends all the way out, and all the ancestors, down to the last microbe.

I wonder, and I have less pain. I hope that my wondering helps somehow; that a pause in belief can open vision, can open those figurative gateways to a way of less suffering for more than me.

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

When push comes to shove

There are times in my life (most of my life really) when I have no idea why I am doing what I am doing and this does indeed seem to be one of them.
I don't feel left out, left behind, ignored or under rated; so why have I started a blog?
Well, only time may tell, and then again, I may never know.

But the good thing is that life is good right now.
Galleries are asking for my art, and I have art for them.

A CTV crew of three showed up yesterday to do a feature called "in our back yard" for "Live at 5" to be aired on the 14th of March.

They were professional, friendly, and worked like a real team; consulting each other throughout the process.
A wonderful friend had referred them to me.
It was fun. I am hopeful that life can be more like this - cooperative and fun.

It does seem that we are linked in so many ways to so many people that we can never be sure what started where.
Best to try to be open and love life.

Sounds corny, but seems it's the only thing that works for me, so I'm OK with corny...

All I know is I got up from a nap and it seemed like time to start a blog, so here goes !

I will be attempting to say what is new as far as projects go, current news of where my art can be found, and some links to some great people and their projects .....

for now, the link to my site
Jay's art