Tuesday, 3 September 2013

notes about random confusion

life continues to be confusing
easier      because I'm getting used to the progression of the same

that is
I'm getting used to life being confusing ...

I'm building two medicine wheels in my yard at the same time as getting used to
no big deal really
except it is
I love it !!!
I love texting !!!

I'm chopping down (thinning out) small trees and clearing wild tall weeds and small bushes from the edges of my property
I think my dad would like that
he was the yard keeper, flower gardener

the little voice I get says
"you aren't doing what you think you're doing"
I think when I hear that
"so what else is new?"
I haven't been able to see much ahead for years

sometimes the fog clears and I see something in the future
meanwhile the dome of fog around me seems less menacing and more protective
colors and sensations can be beautiful and saturated in the space here

Avro the cat and I are waiting for supper to cook
he's taught me a lot 
about himself and about me
and about the variety of little critters around

we're knowing fall is around the corner
I'll get to see more magnificent sunsets when the leaves are gone
the gifts keep coming
may we all be open to receiving the gifts we truly want