Sunday, 5 February 2012

an offering - songs of my mother - intro

These songs are of my mother - an incredibly warm, smart, generous, witty woman who had lived most of her life while transcending pain caused by a variety of chronic physical conditions.
She loved life.
She left when it got too hard to stay.
Her last two years were spent with Alzheimer's added into the mix
Her last year we spent together; intense but good training.

She and my father and brother (who are also gone to the other side) show up at various times in the air around me, in the tasks I'm performing, in the warm feeling I get when thinking of how they would be so pleased for me at times, and how they would empathize at others.

They all died relatively young, but not before making me miss them, and at the same time giving me the love that sustains me in their absence.

I would like to hope that these writings are of some help to someone - they are a work in progress - and indeed they are for my own medicine. They are offered in love and respect for our human journey here.

They will be posted in semi random order and may organize themselves into another form entirely.

It's been a while (Oct. 99)  - I think I can share now.